egg Pre-conception counseling is a must for women hoping to become pregnant. Preparation for pregnancy starts with a discussion of your plans for achieving pregnancy such as age, menstrual cycles, cervical factors, uterine factors, fallopian tube patency, and male factors. We explore ways of optimizing your plans for a successful pregnancy, which start with taking pre-natal vitamins to reduce the risk of birth defects, blood tests to reduce your risk of developing gestational diabetes, and appropriate genetic screening to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

If, at your specific age, pregnancy is not achieved in a reasonable period of time, we can investigate common male and female fertility factors. To assess whether fallopian tubes are open or blocked, we utilize ultrasound equipment and FemVue, a safe and simple method that relies on the injection of air bubbles and sterile water for assessment, rather than the traditional method of using x-ray and radiopaque dye.

Understanding your fertility options may seem daunting at first, but we can guide you and relieve some of the anxiety you might be feeling. Working together, we can help you chart a path for achieving a successful outcome.

In addition to our daily availability of ultrasound in our offices, we offer our patients Sonography Saturdays, when certified sonographers perform pelvic ultrasound to diagnose GYN issues involving the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.