We have delivered over 4,000 babies across multi-generational families!

Your prenatal visits are an opportunity for us to allay your anxieties about pregnancy as well as labor and delivery. We do this by offering several types of labor experiences, making your visits are educational and fun experience, and by spending a great deal of time discussing your options and delivery plans.  In addition to the availability of daily ultrasound in our offices, we offer Sonography Saturdays, when our ARDMS certified sonographers help us monitor your baby’s growth & development, determine gender, track milestones and more.


We offer the following options for low-risk & high risk pregnancies to achieve a healthy and safe delivery:

Vaginal Birth with Doula Support:  

We work with doulas to help women desiring unmedicated natural childbirth. Certified Doulas are a great option for women who want additional labor support to help them through the childbirth experience.

Vaginal Birth with Epidural Light:  

This experience is for women who wish to have pain relief throughout most of their labor but wish to experience natural labor when baby is delivered. Epidural anesthesia combines a narcotic like Fentanyl (which dulls pain) with a lower dose of anesthesia that blocks pain. The dose of drugs used is decreased or stopped as a woman gets closer to delivery. Women who select this option do so because they want to feel the experience of the baby emerging into the world.

Vaginal Birth with Regular Epidural:  

This option is for women who want to experience pain-free childbirth in which pain from uterine contractions is essentially eliminated until after the baby is born.

Vaginal Birth after C-section (VBAC/TOLAC):  

We support a trial of labor for women who have had a Low Transverse C-section. We will discuss the medical issues with you and help you decide if your situation has a high degree of success.  About 70% of women who are good candidates can have a successful vaginal delivery.

Primary & Repeat C-section:  

Women who have undergone a prior C-section are free to decide whether they’d like to have a Trial of Vaginal Birth after C-section or have a repeat C-section.  After discussing your options as well as the pros and cons of each, we will support your decision.